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A1 - 2B - Airline Competition and Efficiency
Monday,11 July 2016, 10:50-12:10
Chair: Tae Oum, University of British Columbia, Canada
A1 - 2B1® Airline pricing strategies
C. Latgé-Roucolle*1, C. Mullër2, M. Urdanoz2
1ENAC, France, 2TBS, France
A1 - 2B2® An econometric dynamic model to estimate passenger demand for air transport industry
R.B. Carmona-Benitez*, M.R. Nieto, D. Miranda
Universidad Anahuac Mexico Norte, Mexico
A1 - 2B3® Incorporating continuous representation of preferences for flight departure times into stated airline choice modeling
C.H. Wen*1, C.J. Huang1, C. Fu2
1Feng Chia University, Taiwan, 2Feng Chia University, Taiwan, 3Institute of Transportation, Taiwan
A1 - 2B4® Airline horizontal mergers and productive efficiency - A quasi-experiment approach with difference-in-difference estimation
J. Yan1, X. Fu3, T.H. Oum*2, K. Wang2
1Washington State University, USA, 2The University of British Columbia, Canada, 3University of Sydney, Australia