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E3 - 2B - Public-Private Partnership Assessment
Monday,11 July 2016, 10:50-12:10
Chair: Marco Ponti, Politecnico di Milano University, Italy
E3 - 2B1® Investment risk assessment and modelling of ppp based Indian highway infrastructure projects
L. Kumar, A. Jindal, N.R. Velaga*
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, India
E3 - 2B2 The evolution of private public partnerships (PPP) for transport projects delivery in Greece: Success stories in recession
A. Roumboutsos, P. Moraiti*, I. Karousos, S. Kapros, K. Trapali
University of the Aegean, Greece
E3 - 2B3® The Las Vegas monorail bankruptcy: Opportunistic behavior using non-profit entities in Public-Private Partnerships
J. Gifford*, L. Bolaños, M. Transue
George Mason University, USA
E3 - 2B4® Renegotiation of transportation Public-Private Partnerships (P3s): The U.S. Experience
J. Gifford*, N. Daito, L. Bolaños, M. Transue
George Mason University, USA