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F2a - 2B - Bicycle Share and Electric Bicycles
Monday,11 July 2016, 10:50-12:10
Chair: Charles Raux, France
F2a - 2B1 A more sustainable minivan? An exploratory study of electric bicycle use by San Francisco bay area families
A.C. Thomas
University of California-Davis, USA
F2a - 2B2® Demand and cost structure analyses on Japanese successful bicycle sharing system called "Ekirin-kun" to install cycle ports at railway stations
Y. Tomita*1, A. Nakayama2 et al
1Kinki University, Japan, 2Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia
F2a - 2B3 BSS in Lyon ten years  after its creation : News usages? Wider public? What kind of social benefits?
L. Merchez*, M. Vogel, J. Barnier
ENS de Lyon, France
F2a - 2B4® Who are bike sharing schemes members and do they travel differently? The case of the Lyon's "Velo'v" scheme
C. Raux*, A. Zoubir
University of Lyon, France