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H2 - 2B - Public Transport Quality and Affordability
Monday,11 July 2016, 10:50-12:10
Chair: Arturo Ardila Gomez, World Bank , USA
H2 - 2B1® Towards the development of quality standards for public transport services in developing countries: Analysis of public transport user's behavior
A.M. Ngoc*1, K.V. Hung2, V.A. Tuan3
1University of Transport and Communications, Viet Nam, 2National Traffic Safety Committee, Viet Nam, 3Vietnamese-German University, Viet Nam
H2 - 2B2® Analysis of attributes influencing public transport's demand in a choice context between BRT and motorcycle taxi
L. Márquez1, R. Pico2, V. Cantillo*3
1Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia, Colombia, 2Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Colombia, 3Universidad del Norte, Colombia
H2 - 2B3 Linking inequalities in daily mobility and transport expenditure in a Latin-American metropolis. The case of Guadalajara (Mexico)
L. Diaz Olvera, P. Lestruhaut, D. Plat, P. Pochet*
LAET - Transport Urban Planning Economics Laboratory, France
H2 - 2B4® Measuring destination accessibility by public transport incorporating user affordability: A case of Cape Town, South Africa
I. Aivinhenyo*, M.P. Zuidgeest, M.B. van Ryneveld
University of Cape Town, South Africa