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B2 - 2C - Freight Transport Operations and Performance (2) Subtitle: Advanced Methodologies & Technologies for Data Analysis in Freight Transport
Monday,11 July 2016, 13:30-15:10
Chair: Edward McCormack, University of Washington (Seattle), USA
B2 - 2C1® Bringing infrastructure into pricing in road freight transportation - A measuring concept based on navigation service data
F. Kellner*, A. Otto, C. Brabänder
University of Regensburg, Germany
B2 - 2C2® Development of continuous speed profile and its application to assess performance of freight traffic movement along a highway corridor in India
R. Jose*, S. Mirta
Indian Institute of Technology, India
B2 - 2C3 Data mining approaches to extract information from secondary sources for modelling pallet road transport
H. Braun*, D. Olaru
The University of Western Australia, Australia
B2 - 2C4® A methodology for forecasting freeway travel time using reliability a methodology for forecasting freeway travel time reliability using GPS data
A.V. Goodchild, Z. Wang, E. McCormack*
University of Washington, USA