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B6 - 2C - Humanitarian Logistics in Disasters (2)
Monday,11 July 2016, 13:30-15:10
Chair: Eiichi Taniguchi, Kyoto University, Australia
B6 - 2C1® Possible mass and long distance ferry transportation for health and humanitarian logistics at a disaster scene
K. Ono*1, J. Tatsumi2, T. Nakao3
1Kyoto University, Japan, 2Ocean Trans Corporation Ltd, Japan, 3Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Corporation Ltd, Japan
B6 - 2C2® Rapid deployment of connected communication infrastructure on sudden-onset disasters
E. Berliner1,2, Y. Hadas*1, B. Benmoshe2
1Bar-Ilan University, Israel, 2Ariel University, Israel
B6 - 2C3® Examination of tsunami related reduced mobility people and its countermeasures - Case study in tsunami-inundated areas of Kyushu region of Japan
N. Kachi*1, T. Arakawa1, K. Tsukahara1, Y. Akiyama2
1Kyushu University, Japan, 2The University of Tokyo, Japan
B6 - 2C4® Matching system of disaster relief supplies integrating vehicle routing planning
H. Hashimoto*, J. Fukumoto
Tohoku University, Japan