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D3 - 2C - Applications of Travel Behaviour Analysis and Demand Modelling Approaches D3-OS1, Activity-Travel Analysis
Monday,11 July 2016, 13:30-15:10
Chair: Abolfazl Kouros Mohammadian, University of Illinois-Chicago, USA
D3 - 2C1® Activity-based travel demand forecasting using feathers: Model considerations and application
Q. Bao, B. Kochan, T. Bellemans, D. Janssens, Y. Shen*, L. Creemers, G. Wets
Hasselt University, Belgium
D3 - 2C2® Potential impacts of the removal of the senior free ride scheme in Seoul: An analysis using an activity-based travel simulator
C.H. Joh*, J.H. Hwang, S. Cho, A.R. Baek
Kyung Hee University, Republic of Korea
D3 - 2C3® Investigating the applicability of ADAPTS activity-based model in air quality analysis
R. Shabanpour*, M. Javanmardi, M.F. Langerudi, A. Mohammadian
University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
D3 - 2C4 "Lifestyles": How to define and use it in modal choice studies
V. Van Acker1
1Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2Ghent University, Belgium
D3 - 2C5 Modeling the impacts of a low emission zone policy: The application of an integrated model of activity demand and network dynamics
D. You, V.M. Garikapati, R.M. Pendyala*
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA