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F1a - 2C - Life choice
Monday,11 July 2016, 13:30-15:10
Chair: Junyi Zhang
F1a - 2C1® The impact of light-rail development on quality of life in a low-density built environment – the case study of Canberra, Australia
H. Nakanishi*1, K. Nakamura2, M. Kii2
1University of Canberra, Australia, 2Kagawa University, Japan
F1a - 2C2® Empirical analyses of the industrial relocation and the quality of life of the employees in a Chinese city
Z.Z. Yang, P.F. Xu*
Dalian Maritime University, China
F1a - 2C3 WAM - residence - work - mobility: Spatial structure and mobility choices in metropolitan regions
G. Wulfhorst, A. Thierstein, M. Bentlage, S. Klug, J. Kinigadner, L. Sterzer, B. Büttner*
Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM), Germany
F1a - 2C4® Exploring transportation networks relationship to healthcare access and as affected by urban sprawl
I. Bejleri1, R.L. Steiner*1, S. Yoon1, J. Harman3, D.F. Neff2
1University of Florida, USA, 2University of Central Florida, USA, 3Florida State University, USA
F1a - 2C5® Correlation or cause? The limitations of population density as an indicator for public transport viability in the context of a rapidly growing developing city
S. Cooke*, R. Behrens
University of Cape Town, South Africa