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A1 - 2D - Airline Demand Estimation
Monday,11 July 2016, 15:30-17:10
Chair: T.G. Flouris, Hellenic American University, USA
A1 - 2D1® The link between economic growth and air transport in South Asia: Evidence from panel cointegration and error correction models
M.M. Hakim*, R. Merkert
The University of Sydney, Australia
A1 - 2D2® Scenario tree dependent airline fleet planning
M.G.J. Repko, B.F. Santos*
TU Delft, The Netherlands
A1 - 2D3® Modeling the choice of air flight departure and return dates on long holidays
C.H. Wen*, Y. Yeh
Feng Chia University, Taiwan
A1 - 2D4® New methedology for air travel demand estimation and airline competition analysis in emerging but regulated airline market
K. Wang1, T.H. Oum1, X. Fu*2
1The University of British Columbia, Canada, 2University of Sydney, Australia
A1 - 2D5® Comparing European airline merger experiences from a financial valuation perspective
C.P. Hsu1, T.G. Flouris*2
1City University of New York - York College, USA, 2Hellenic American University, USA