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C4 - 2D - Highway Safety I
Monday,11 July 2016, 15:30-17:10
Chair:N.N.Sze, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
C4 - 2D1 Causes, consequences and countermeasures of overtaking accidents on two-lane rural roads
T. Richter*1, S. Ruhl1, J. Ortlepp2, J.E. Bakaba2
1Technische Universitaet Berlin, Germany, 2German Insurance Association (GDV), Germany
C4 - 2D2 A car-accident rate index for curved roads: A speed choice-based approach
H. Yotsutsuji*1, H. Kita1, J. Xing2, S. Hirai2
1Kobe University, Japan, 2Nippon Expressway Research Institute Co.,Ltd., Japan
C4 - 2D3 Safety Evaluation of Combined Alignments of Freeway:A Driving Simulator Study
J. Liu*, X.S. Wang
Tongji University, China
C4 - 2D4 Applying GIS to identify the spatial and temporal patterns of road accidents using spatial statistics (Case study: Ilam Province, Iran)
M.A. Aghajani*1, R. Shahni Dezfoulian2,3, A. Rezaee Arjroody2, M.R. Rezaei4
1Statistical Center of Iran, Iran, 2Housing & Urban Development Research Center, Iran, 3K. N. T. University of Technology, Iran, 4Road & Urban Development Bureau of Ilam Province, Iran
C4 - 2D5 Three strategies reducing accident rates at black spots and black sites road in Riau Province, Indonesia
A. Sandhyavitri*, S. Wiyono, Z. Zamri, S. Subiantoro
University of Riau, Indonesia