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D1 - 2D - Data Collection and Processing Methods D1-OS2, Combining Survey Modes and Data Sources
Monday,11 July 2016, 15:30-17:10
Chair: Doina Olaru, UWA, Australia
D1 - 2D1® Overview of a large-scale controlled experiment on the walking behavior of individuals with disabilities
K. Christensen*1, M.S. Sharifi1, D. Stuart1, A. Chen1, Y.S. Kim1, Y.Q. Chen2
1Utah State University, USA, 2University of California Merced, USA
D1 - 2D2 Multimodal travel demand based on itinerary requests
A. Remy*1, M. Chandesris1, S. Mastalerz2, A. Hyenne2, E. Bousquie2
1SNCF Innovation & Research, France, 2Kisio, France
D1 - 2D3® Stated preference survey design to understand how freight users value travel time reliability
K. Shams1, X. Jin*1, M. Hossan1, H. Asgari1, R. Fitzgerald2
1Florida International University, USA, 2Florida Department of Transportation, USA
D1 - 2D4® Examining methodological issues on combined RP and SP data
M. Lavasani, M.S. Hossan, H. Asgari, X. Jin*
Florida International University, USA
D1 - 2D5 Exploring bus-metro transfer information from smart card data
M. Lin*, Z.D. Huang
Wuhan University, China