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D4 - 2D - ICT, Acitvities, Time Use and Travel Behavior II
Monday,11 July 2016, 15:30-17:10
Chair: Jacek Pawlak, Imperial College London, UK
D4 - 2D1 Does multimodal predictive and real time traffic information available on smartphone induce behavioural changes? Aliving lab experiment on Montpellier Metropolis (france)
M. Stéphan, T. Blayac*, M. Reymond
LAMETA, France
D4 - 2D3® Does the use of smartphone influence travel outcome? an investigation on the determinants of the impact of smartphone use on vehicle kilometers traveled
S. Jamal, M.A. Habib*, N.A. Khan
Dalhousie University, Canada
D4 - 2D4® Investigation of the relationship between the use of information, communication and multimedia technology whilst travelling on attitudes and opinions of travellers towards train services
Y. Yosritzal*1, D. Dissanayake2, M. Bell2
1Andalas University, Indonesia, 2Newcastle University, UK
D4 - 2D5® Indonesian experience on travel time use on-board of commuter rail services
Y. Yosritzal*1, B.M. Adji1, D. Dissanayake2
1Andalas University, Indonesia, 2Newcastle University, UK