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F1b - 2D - Travel Behavior
Monday,11 July 2016, 15:30-17:10
Chair:V. Oszter, KTI Institute for Transport Sciences, Hungary
F1b - 2D1 Microscopic destination choice: Incorporating travel time budgets as constraints
A. Moreno*, R. Moeckel
Technical University of Munich, Germany
F1b - 2D2 Building a Neuro-fuzzy based route choice model in metropolitan context: Surat city in India
S. Dhulipala, A.S. Kedia*, P.S. Salini, B.K. Katti
SV National Institute of Technology, India
F1b - 2D3 Which factors play a key role in the spatial interactions between different micro regions? An empirical study based on O-D travel surveys in Hungary
V. Oszter
KTI Institute for Transport Sciences, Hungary