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G1 - 2D - Organizations and Governance
Monday,11 July 2016, 15:30-17:10
Chair: Mohammed Imran, Massey University, New Zealand
G1 - 2D1® Organizational structures of urban public transport - a diagrammatic comparison with UML
T. Shibayama
Vienna University of Technology, Austria
G1 - 2D2® A principal-agent model comprising organization structure - taking China's railway as an example
J. Zhao*1, T. Hu1, Y. Zhao1
1Beijing Jiaotong university, China, 2Beijing Jiaotong university, China, 3Beijing Jiaotong university, China
G1 - 2D3® A multi-actor multi-criteria transit system selection model: A case study of Bangkok feeder system
A. Sirikijpanichkul*1, S. Winyoopadit1, A. Jenpanitsub1
1Kasetsart University, Thailand, 2The Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand, Thailand
G1 - 2D4 Trucking regulation as a critical supply chain asset in port complexes
T. O'Brien*1, P.V. Hall2
1California State University, Long Beach, USA, 2Simon Fraser University, Canada
G1 - 2D5® Methodology for diagrammatic comparison of transport planning competences over national borders
T. Shibayama*, U. Leth, G. Emberger
Vienna University of Technology, Austria