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G6 - 2D - Disaster Resilience in Transport and Ports Management
Monday,11 July 2016, 15:30-17:10
Chair: Dr. Ashish Verma, Indian Institute of Science, India
G6 - 2D1® Port risk management in container terminals
P.L. Pallis
University of Piraeus, Greece
G6 - 2D2 A cross-nested dynamic logit model of evacuation behavior using conditional choice probabilities: A case study of the Great East Japan Earthquake
G. Troncoso Parady*, E. Hato
The University of Tokyo, Japan
G6 - 2D3® Managing waiting time for different aircraft operators in immediate disaster response
S. Choi*, S. Hanaoka
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
G6 - 2D4 A traffic flow model for pedestrian - vehicle interactions during evacuations
F. Muñoz1,2, R. Giesen*1,2, J.C. Herrera1,2
1Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile, 2CIGIDEN, Chile
G6 - 2D5® Climate change and adaptation planning for ports: A global study
H. Zhang1,2, A.K.Y. Ng*1,2
1University of Manitoba, Canada, 2University of Manitoba Transport Institute, Canada