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Poster Session: TA-C
Tuesday,12 July 2016, 08:30-10:10
Lobby Area - Zonghe Building
Chair: Hideki Nakamura
C1 - P01 Calibration of microscopic simulation models for the analysis of unsignalized intersections
S.F.G. Oliveira1, L. Vasconcelos*1, A. Bastos Silva2
1Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, Portugal, 2University of Coimbra, Portugal
C1 - P02® Fuzzy neural network system for urban expressway speed prediction under rainy weather
H.Y. Sun*1, J.S. Yang2, Y. Zou1, L.B. Li1, B. Wu1
1Tongji University, China, 2Qingdao University of Technology, China
C1 - P03® Prediction of arrival flow profile of transit stream on link
Z.P. Liu*1,2, K.P. Li1,2, Y. Ni2
1Wuhan University of Science and Technology, China, 2Tongji University, China
C1 - P04® Dissipating transit congestion of emergency events through Information guidance on mobile terminals
K. Bo*1,2, J. Teng1, X. Liu3, H. Liu3, H. Shi1
1Tongji University, China, 2Shanghai Maritime University, China, 3China Academy of Transportation Sciences, China
C1 - P05® Large-scale, high-fidelity dynamic traffic assignment: Framework and real-world case studies
Q. Yang*, R. Balakrishna, D. Morgan, H. Slavin
Caliper Corporation, USA
C1 - P06® Research on the Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram for Shanghai urban expressway network
X.S. Shi*, H.F. Lin et al
Tongji University, China
C1 - P07® Modeling the various merging behaviors at expressway on-ramp bottlenecks using support vector machine models
E.G. Wang*1, J. Sun1, S. Jiang1, F. Li2
1Tongji University, China, 2Institute of Highway, Ministry of Transport, China
C1 - P08® Analysis on drivers' parking lot choice behaviors in expressway rest area
S. Tanaka*, S. Ohno, F. Nakamura
Yokohama National University, Japan
C1 - P09® Modeling heteroscedastic traffic speed dispersion on urban expressways
J. Li*, Y. Liu, X. Chen
Tongji University, China
C1 - P10® A simulation-based multiclass, multimodal traffic assignment model with departure time for evaluating traffic control plans of planned special events
Y-Z. Lin*1, W-H. Chen1
1Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan, 2Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan
C1 - P11 Developing acceleration models combining multiple data sources
S. Papadimitriou*, C. Choudhury
University of Leeds, UK
C1 - P12® Critical infrastructure renewal: A framework for fuzzy logic based risk assessment and microscopic traffic simulation modeling
M.J. Alam, M.A. Habib*, K. Quigely
Dalhousie University, Canada
C1 - P13 Modelling acceleration decisions in heterogeneous traffic situations with weak lane discipline
C. Choudhury*1,2, M. Islam2
1University of Leeds, UK, 2Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, UK
C1 - P14® Impact of a forward collision warning system on headway and reaction time during car following
M.X. Zhu*1,2, X.S. Wang1,2
1Tongji University, China, 2Road and Traffic Key Laboratory, Ministry of Education, China
C1 - P15® Maritime vessel traffic modeling in the context of concept drift
E. Osekowska*, H. Johnson, B. Carlsson
Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
C2 - P01® An analysis of characteristics of heavy vehicle behavior at roundabouts in Japan
N. Kang*1, H. Nakamura2
1Tokyo University of Science, Japan, 2Nagoya University, Japan
C2 - P02 Geometric design consistency model for two-lane rural highways based on operating speed profiles
R.T. Almeida1, A.L. Vasconcelos1, A.M.C. Bastos Silva*2
1Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, Portugal, 2University of Coimbra, Portugal
C2 - P03® Research on driver physiological load at the lowest point of city river-crossing tunnels
D.S. Feng*, F. Chen, X.D. Pan
Tongji University, China
C2 - P04® Study of rainfall impacts on freeway traffic flow characteristics
Y.Q. Wang*1, J. Luo1
1Chang'an University, China, 2CCCC First Highway Consultants Co.,Ltd, China
C2 - P05 New features in the 2015 German highway capacity manual (hbs2015)
N. Wu
Ruhr University Bochum, Germany
C2 - P06® Investigating large vehicle stability on curved expressway segment with vertical slope by simulation
G.X. QU*1, Y.L. HE1, X.D. SUN1
1Beijing University of Technology,Beijing, China, 2University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
C2 - P07® Variability of observed drivers' follow-the-leader behavior on expressway basic segment
Y. Yang*, K. Wada, T. Oguchi, M. Iryo-Asano
The University of Tokyo, Japan
C2 - P08® Risk assessment model of bottlenecks for urban expressways using survival analysis approach
L.Y. Zheng*, Y.T. Chang
Tongji university, China
C2 - P09® Comparison of exhaust emissions at intersections under traffic signal vs. roundabout control using an instrumented vehicle
C. Meneguzzer1, M. Gastaldi1, R. Rossi*1, G. Gecchele1, M.V. Prati2
1University of Padova, Italy, 2Istituto Motori CNR, Italy
C2 - P10® Traffic congestion management with high occupancy vehicle lanes and tradable credits scheme: A bilevel programming approach
G.Z. Zang, M. Xu*, Z.Y. Gao
Beijing Jiaotong University, China
C2 - P11® Study on traffic strategy in metropolitan renewal area
X.Y. Lv*1,2, H.X. Pan1
1College of architecture and urban planning tongji university, China, 2Shanghai urban planning and design research institute, China
C2 - P12 Dynamic climbing lane control system using a radar detector
H. Ko3, J. Park2, J. Seo2, I. Yun*1
1Ajou University, Republic of Korea, 2The Korea Transport Institute, Republic of Korea, 3Korea Transportation Safety Authority, Republic of Korea
C2 - P13® Optimization of bus stops layout under the conditions of coordinated control
Z.P. Liu*1,2, K.P. Li1,2, Y. Ni2
1Wuhan University of Science and Technology, China, 2Tongji University, China
C2 - P14 Simulation-based assessment of impact of large-scale retail store onto regional traffic and its management
H. Fujii, T. Kanou, H. Uchida*, S. Yoshimura
The University of Tokyo, Japan
C2 - P15® The effectiveness of applying dynamic lane grouping strategy at all approaches of isolated signalized intersections
W.K. Alhajyaseen*1, M.M. Najjar2, N.T. Ratrout2, K.J. Assi2
1Qatar University, Qatar, 2King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia
C2 - P16® Existing operational and safety issues of signal control regarding tram systems in China
S. Wang*1, X.C. Yu2, K.P. Li1
1Tongji University, China, 2Technical University Darmstadt, Germany
C2 - P17® Evaluation of the benefit-to-cost of freeway service patrol in advanced video surveillance system environment: A case study in China
Z. Sun*1, M. Yu1, H. Wang1, A. Haghani2
1Ministry of Transport, China, 2University of Maryland, USA
C2 - P18® A methodology for evaluating evacuation capacity of urban underground road
Y. Yang*1,2, T-Z. Li1,2, T. Zhang1,2, Q. Yu1,2
1Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Urban ITS, China, 2Jiangsu Province Collaborative Innovation Center of Modern Urban Traffic Technologies, China
C2 - P19® Traffic volume responsive incident detection
E.G. Nathanail, P. Kouros*, P. Kopelias
University of Thessaly, Greece
C2 - P20® Estimating net traffic congestion relief associated with publictransport - preliminary results
P.Q.D. Nguyen*, G. Currie, B. Young
Monash University, Australia
C3 - P01® Estimation of scaling factors for traffic counts based on stationary and mobile sources of data
F. Meng*, S.C. Wong, W. Wong, Y.C. Li
The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
C3 - P02® Preemptive goal programming based queue spillback control on oversaturated arterial
G. Liu, T.Z. Qiu*
University of Albberta, Canada
C4 - P01® Application of RISC for road safety program development
X.S. Tu
Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, Australia
C4 - P02® Effectiveness of consistency measures in crash prediction models for two-lane highways in Palestine
K. Al-Sahili1, M. Dweikat1, S. Abu-Eisheh1, W. Alhajyaseen*2
1An-Najah National University, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 2Qatar University, Qatar
C4 - P03® Spatial analysis of highway work zone crashes in India
S. Gupta, G. Tiwari*
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, India
C4 - P04 A study on exploration and assessment of safety effects of roadway features in school zone area
J. Park, J. Lee, M.A. Abdel-Aty*
University of Central Florida, USA
C4 - P05® Empirical analysis on risky behaviors and pedestrian-vehicle conflicts at large-size signalized intersections
K. Suzuki*1, H. Ito2
1Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan, 2Chodai Corporation Limited, Japan
C4 - P06® Viability of Traffic Analysis Districts (TADs) as a spatial unit for macroscopic crash analysis
Q. Cai*, J. Lee, M. Aty
University of Central Florida, USA
C4 - P07® An analysis of the relationship between motorcycle behavior and width of the road shoulder on trunk roads in Japan
K. Ogawa
Ritsumeikan University, Japan
C4 - P08® A rare event logistic model of traffic injuries on tourist routes
R. Tay
RMIT University, Australia
C4 - P09® Effectiveness of a theory based road safety message in changing drivers' intention among different populations
R. Tay
RMIT University, Australia
C4 - P10® A stochastic approach to the benefit cost ratio analysis of safety treatments
S. Cafiso*, C. D'Agostino
University of Catania, Italy
C4 - P11® Identifying secondary crashes in geographic information systems: A case study of interstate highways in the state of Florida
Y.T. Tian, H.Y.C. Chen*
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA
C4 - P12® Investigation of road accident severity per vehicle type
G. Yannis*, A. Theofilatos, G. Pispiringos
National Technical University of Athens, Greece
C4 - P13® Investigating factors affecting the occurrence and severity of rear-end crashes
M. Shawky1,2, M. Kishta2, H. Al-Harthei*2
1Ain Shams Univerisity, Egypt, 2Abu Dhabi Traffic Police, United Arab Emirates
C4 - P14® An optimization model for locating speed cameras in rural roads (case study of Iran)
M. Saffarzadeh3,2, B. Mirbaha*1, M. Hosseini2,3
1Imam Khomeini International University, Iran, 2Azad University of Zanjan, Iran, 3Tarbiat Modares University, Iran
C4 - P15® A field study of visual search in driving: Comparison of two buses
T.A. Kuo1, C.J. Lin1, B.S. Liu*2
1National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, 2St. John's University, Taiwan
C4 - P16® Comparative study on e-bikes’ decision-making behaviors under flashing green and green countdown
C. Lyu*1, J. Zhou1, S. Dong1, K. Li2, S. Liu3 et al
1Ningbo University of Technology, China, 2Tongji University, China, 3Fuzhou University, China
C4 - P17® Factors affecting drivers gap acceptance behaviour at uncontrolled intersection in India
D.S. Pawar, G.R. Patil*
IIT Bombay, India
C5 - P01® Performance-dependent humidity state division of subgrade in seasonal frozen region
D.X. Li*1, Z.G. Chen1, J.M. Ling2
1Jilin Provincial Communication Scientific Research Institute, China, 2Tongji University, China
C5 - P02® Trusted measurement and evaluation for ITS products
C.Y. Lin*1, B.W. Gong1, X. Qu1
1Jilin University, China, 2State Key Laboratory of Automative Simulation and Control, China
C5 - P03® A rational strategy for resource allocation for rural road maintenance
P.K. Agarwal*, A.B. Khan, S. Choudhary
Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, India
C5 - P04 A bottom-up solution for the system-level joint optimization of pavement maintenance and rehabilitation planning
L. Zhang*, W. Gu
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China
C5 - P05® The impact of systematic retroreflection testing of road markings on their visibility
A. Scukanec, D. Babic*, D. Babic
Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Croatia