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D2 - 3A - Travel Behaviour and Choice Modelling D2-OS3, Accommodating Travel Reliability (Uncertainty) in Travel Modeling
Tuesday,12 July 2016, 08:30-10:10
Chair: Chinh Q Ho, The University of Sydney, Australia
D2 - 3A1® An information-based framework on incorportating travel time uncertainty into transportation modelling
J.B. Yu*, J. Jayakrishnan
University of California, USA
D2 - 3A2® Influence of variability of travel time on train station choice for park-and-ride users
C. Chen, J. Xia*, B. Smith, D. Olaru, J. Taplin, R. Han
Curtin university, Australia
D2 - 3A3 Joint estimation of mode and time of day choice accounting for arrival time flexibility, travel time reliability and crowding on public transport
C. Ho*, D.A. Hensher
University of Sydney, Australia
D2 - 3A4® Do commuters behave consistently when identifying their preferred and least preferred mode within the context of uncertainty?
Y. Huang, D. Olaru*, B.W. Smith
University of Western Australia, Australia