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G2 - 3A - Freight
Tuesday,12 July 2016, 08:30-10:10
Chair: Georgios Fontaras
G2 - 3A1 Logistics centers and agglomeration economies: Logistics clusters or co-located logistics activities - The French case
N. Bounie*, C. Blanquart
G2 - 3A2® Road infrastructure charging for heavy good vehicles: Impact assessment of European scale policies
C. de Stasio, S. Maffii*, A. Martino et al
TRT Trasporti e Territorio, Italy
G2 - 3A3® Logistics agglomeration and its impacts in China
Y.Y. Cui1,2, B.L. Song*1
1Shanghai Maritime University, China, 2Shanghai Development Strategic Research Institute, China
G2 - 3A5 Toward institutional model for integrated transport to support logistic system in Indonesia
N.B. Siswanto*, P. Pradono, M. Miharja
Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia
G2 - 3A4® A simulation based approach for quantifying CO2 emissions of light duty vehicle fleets. A case study on WLTP introduction
S. Tsiakmakis, G. Fontaras*, K. Anagnostopoulos, B. Ciuffo, A. Marotta
European Commission, Joint Reasearch Centre, Institute for Energy and Transport, Italy