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G3 - 3A - Public Transport (3)
Tuesday,12 July 2016, 08:30-10:10
Chair: Maria Attard, University of Malta, Malta
G3 - 3A1® Benchmarking of personal rapid transit system (dynamic model)
P.K. Sarkar*, U. Jain
School of Planning & Architecture, India
G3 - 3A2® Introspection and practice of bus rapid transit planning in China
X. Xu Zhengquan*, Y. Yang Yuxing, W. Wu Xiaofei, L. Liu Zhijie
Shen Zhen Urban Transport Planning Center, China
G3 - 3A3 Locating turnover transfer center for large metropolitan areas in case of Seoul, Korea
Y. Kwon*, J. Oh
The Korea Transport Institute, Republic of Korea
G3 - 3A4® Managing uncertainty in the application of composite sustainability indicators to transit analysis
P. Miller*2, A. de Barros1, L. Kattan1, S.C. Wirasinghe1
1University of Calgary, Canada, 2Steer Davies Gleave, Canada
G3 - 3A5 The relationship between public transport and tourism in the small island state of Malta
M. Attard
University of Malta, Malta