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C3 - 3B - ITS Modelling
Tuesday,12 July 2016, 10:30-12:10
Chair: Keshuang Tang, Tongji University, China
C3 - 3B1® Route choice modeling with Support Vector Machine
B.R. Sun*, B.B. Park
University of Virginia, USA
C3 - 3B2® Comprehensive monitoring system for multiple vehicles and its modelling study
K. Xu*1, H. Zhen1, Y. Li2, L. Yue3
1Shanghai Maritime University, China, 2Tongji University, China, 3Shanghai Yiwei Information Technology Co., Ltd., China
C3 - 3B3® Modelling IT systems for public transport companies: The domain model ITTC
C. Dohmen
IVU Traffic Technologies AG, Germany
C3 - 3B4 Assessing the regional energy impact of connected vehicle deployment
J.A. Auld*, D. Karbowski, V. Sokolov
Argonne National Laboratory, USA