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C4 - 3B - Traffic Safety Modelling I
Tuesday,12 July 2016, 10:30-12:10
Chair: Xuesong Wang, Tongi University, China
C4 - 3B1® An odds analysis on traffic accidents considering traffic flow conditions
T. Kanzawa2, M. Tsukai*1, M. Fuse1, J. Zhang1
1Hiroshima University, Japan, 2Tokyo Metro, Co. Ltd., Japan
C4 - 3B2® Visibility improvements through information provision regarding sun glare:a Case study in Cape Town
M.J.W.A. Vanderschuren, N. Khumalo*
university of Cape Town, South Africa
C4 - 3B3® Modelling the relationship between speed and safety using path analysis
S.A. Gargoum, K. El-Basyouny*
University of Alberta, Canada
C4 - 3B4® The relationship between free-flow travel speeds, infrastructure characteristics and accidents, on single-carriageway roads
V. Gitelman*1, E. Doveh2, S. Bekhor1
1Technion, Israel, 2Technion Statistical Laboratory, Israel
C4 - 3B5® Assessing the safety efficacy of regulatory headlight signs on mountainous rural highways
M.M. Ahmed*, S. Gaweesh, K. Ksaibati, M.H. Rahman
University of Wyoming, USA