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F2b - 3B - Construction and Climate Change
Tuesday,12 July 2016, 10:30-12:10
Chair: James Pritchard, University of Southampton, UK
F2b - 3B1 Estimating the relationship between pavement cracking-threshold resurfacing policies and greenhouse gas emissions
A. Ogwang*, J. Goulet, A. Horvath, S. Madanat
University of California, USA
F2b - 3B2 Know your neighbor: Spatial effects of state export promotion and infrastructure investment
Y. Zhou*, J.L. Sage
Washington State University, USA
F2b - 3B3 An investigation in to both embedded and operational carbon emissions in order to understand the trade-offs involved in optimal railway infrastructure design
J.A. Pritchard*, J.M. Preston
University of Southampton, UK