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G4 - 3B - Measuring Equity
Tuesday,12 July 2016, 10:30-12:10
Chair:Daneil Oveido, UCL, UK
G4 - 3B1 Linking transport poverty with indicators of the level of social deprivationof individuals andthe environmentalcharacteristics of their home locations
K. Lucas*1, I. Philips1, C. Mulley2, L. Ma2
1Institute for Transport Studies, UK, 2Institute of Transport and Logistic Studies, Australia
G4 - 3B2 Using community planning method to improve effect of urban barrier-free transportation system
C.T. Wu, L.X. Li*
Sichuan University, China
G4 - 3B3 Transport, poverty, and well-being in urban Nigeria: perspectives for transport research in developing contexts
D.R. Oviedo Hernandez*, J.D. Davila, C. Levy
University College London, UK
G4 - 3B4 Social sustainability and smart mobility : Exploring the relations
J.F. Jeekel
Technical University Eindhoven, The Netherlands