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A2 - 3D - Port Competitiveness
Tuesday,12 July 2016, 15:30-17:10
Chair: Edwin van Hassel, University of Antwerp, Belgium
A2 - 3D1® Port related innovations: The answer to today's constraints and the challenges in seaports
C. Sys*1, T. Vanelslander1, A. Roumboutsos2, G. Giuliano4, M. Acciaro3
1University of Antwerp, Belgium, 2University of the Aegean, Greece, 3Kühne Logistics University, Germany, 4University of Southern California, United States Minor Outlying Islands
A2 - 3D2® Factors influencing port choice: An aggregated analysis of the Colombian case using imports and exports data
J. Cantillo, J. Arellana, V. Cantillo*
Universidad del Norte, Colombia
A2 - 3D3® Public investment for port facilities using strategic model
K. Rungjang*1,2, T.M. Adams2
1Kasetsart University, Thailand, 2University of Wisconsin, USA
A2 - 3D4® Small container terminal modeling: Case study - South Adriatic ports
B. Dragovic*1, R. Mestrovic1, S. Papadimitriu2
1University of Montenegro, Montenegro, 2University of Piraeus, Greece
A2 - 3D5® Understanding port congestion as a governance issue: A transaction cost perspective
N. Saeed*1, D-W. Song2, O. Andersen1
1University of Agder, Norway, 2World Maritime University, Sweden