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C1 - 3D - Urban Transport Planning
Tuesday,12 July 2016, 15:30-17:10
Chair: Manuel Jakob, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
C1 - 3D1® Roadside infrastructure planning scheme for the urban vehicular networks
L.X. Xue2, Y.C. Yang*1,3, D.C. Dong1,3
1Tongji University, China, 2Tongji Architectural Design(Group) Co.,Ltd, China, 3The Cooperative Centre for Maglev and Rail Transit Operation Control System, China
C1 - 3D2® Lane-based short-term urban traffic flow forecasting with GA designed ANN and LWR models
A. Raza*, M. Zhong
Wuhan University of Technology, China
C1 - 3D3® Finding the optimal level of spatial resolution for handling non-motorized travel in macroscopic travel demand models
M.B. Okrah*, R. Moeckel, G. Wulfhorst
Technische Universität München, Germany
C1 - 3D4 Active relocation and dispatching of heterogeneous emergency vehicles
A. Haghani, E. Sharifi, R. Olarte*
University of Maryland, USA
C1 - 3D5® A dynamic macroscopic parking pricing model
M. Jakob*, M. Menendez, J. Cao
ETH Zürich Institute for Transport Planning and Systems, Switzerland