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Poster Session: TA-E
Tuesday,12 July 2016, 15:30-17:10
Lobby Area - Zonghe Building
Chair: Charles Raux
E1 - P01® Measurement of value of time for freight trips and its benefit by market information
H. Morisugi
Nihon University, Japan
E1 - P02® Road charging in multi-level-systems - National decisions under consideration of the EU-level from a political economic view
S. Krause*, M. Nofz, T. Peters
University Bremen, Germany
E1 - P03 ICT port-related innovations: An effective strategic decision
V. Carlan*, C. Sys, T. Vanelslander
University of Antwerp, Belgium
E1 - P04 Transport integration in a privatised bus market: The role of quality contract schemes
C.R. Rivasplata
San Jose State University, USA
E1 - P05 A strategic assessment tool for evaluating European transport policies - The HIGH-TOOL approach
E. Szimba*1, J. Ihrig1, M. Kraft1, J. Kiel2, R. van Grol3, A. Ulied4, M. Chen5, J. Purwanto6, R. Corthout6, O. Ivanova5 et al
1Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany, 2Panteia, The Netherlands, 3Significance, The Netherlands, 4Mcrit, Spain, 5TNO, The Netherlands, 6TML, Belgium, 7MKmetric Gesellschaft für Systemplanung mbH, Germany
E1 - P06® Shipping enterprise performance evaluation under uncertainty base on multiple-criteria evidential reasoning approach
T.T.B. Bao*, X.L.X. Xie, P.Y.L. Long
Dalian Maritime University, China
E1 - P07 The measurement of China's Rail Transport Efficiency
T. Zhang*, C.H. Rong
School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University, China
E2 - P01® Using microsimulation of city traffic to determine a cordon charge based on marginal network social cost
Y. Sun*, J. Taplin
The University of Western Australia, Australia
E2 - P02® Studying of parking charges at park and ride facilities in Izmir, Turkey
Y. Alver*, I. Balgabayeva
Ege University, Turkey
E2 - P04 Pricing Strategies for a Taxi-Hailing Platform
X.L. Wang
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
E2 - P06® Effects of the change of toll system on social surplus:A case study of distance-based toll in Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway
I. Otaki*1, Y. Imanishi1, K. Miyatake2, T. Nemoto2, N. Uchiyama1
1Public Planning & Policy Studies, Inc., Japan, 2Hitotsubashi University, Japan
E2 - P07® Evaluating toll revenue uncertainty using neural network models
Y. Zhao*1, H. Zhao1
1Jacobs, USA, 2AECOM, USA
E2 - P08® Tariff analysis of trans metro bandung (TMB) under ATP, WTP, and society travel behaviour
A. Hayati*1, P. Pradono1, H. Purboyo1
1Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia, 2Padjadjaran University, Indonesia
E2 - P09 Dynamic pricing: Case study on Indian railways
A. Kumar*, S. Das
Ministry of Railways, Government of India, India
E2 - P10 Welfare effectiveness of public transport subsidy in Seoul Metro Region
J.I. Kim, G.W. Ahn*, Y.J. Kim, S.I. Kim
the Korea transport institute, Republic of Korea
E2 - P11 Has London's congestion charge zone affected firm location choices?
A. Broaddus
UC Berkeley, USA
E2 - P12® Tradable credits scheme on urban travel demand: A linear expenditure system approach and simulation in Beijing
M. Xu*1, S. Grant-Muller2
1Beijing Jiaotong University, China, 2University of Leeds, UK
E2 - P13® Reforming tax system for sustainable transport infrastructure funding in KOREA
J.Y. Kim*, J.H. Kang
The Korea Transport Institute, Republic of Korea
E2 - P14® Application of E-Tag in pricing road tolls and parking fees for traffic congestion mitigation
C.P. Chu*1, C.Y. Wang2, S.R. Hu3
1National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan, 2National Defense University, Taiwan, 3National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
E2 - P15 Equitable and progressive distance-based user charges: Design and evaluation of income-based mileage fees in Maryland
D.Y. Yang, E.K. Kastrouni*, L.Z. Zhang
University of Maryland, USA
E2 - P16 Congestion pricing and revenue refunding: What is the optimal share distributed towards mass transit system?
F. Mirabel, M. Reymond*
LAMETA, France
E2 - P17® Stochastic tolling to achieve long-run system optimum under tolerance-based probabilistic user equilibrium
B.K. Bhavathrathan, G.R. Patil*
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India
E2 - P18® Fare estimation for demand responsive transport based on a stated preference survey 
W.C. Kim1, M. Nangung2, J.W. Kim*3
1Chungnam Institute, Republic of Korea, 2Wonkwang University, Republic of Korea, 3Korail Research Institute, Republic of Korea
E3 - P01® A theoretical study on yardstick competition and franchise bidding based on a dynamic model
S. Harada*1, H. Yamauchi2
1Gifu University, Japan, 2Hitotsubashi University, Japan
E3 - P02® The discussion of system optimism and user equilibrium in traffic assignment with the perspective of game theory
C. Wang, Y.Q. Tang*
Tongji University, China
E3 - P03 Optimal concession contracts for landlord port authorities under price competition of terminal operators
H.C. Chen*, Y.H. Lin, S.M. Liu
National Taipei University, Taiwan
E3 - P04® The governance of surface transportation in the 21st Century: VDOT institutional responses to environmental changes
J.L. Gifford*1, L. Bolanõs1, M. Transue1, J.Y. Kweun1, N. Daito2
1George Mason University, USA, 2Northern Virginia Transportation Commission, USA
E3 - P05® Evaluating highway public-private partnerships: Evidence from U.S. value for money studies
J.Y. Kweun, P.K. Wheeler, J.L. Gifford*
George Mason University, USA