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A2 - 4A - Port networks
Wednesday,13 July 2016 , 08:30-10:10
Chair: Bart Wiegmans, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
A2 - 4A1® Ports, external costs and transport network design: The case of Northern Italy
D. Ambrosino, C. Ferrari, A. Sciomachen, A. Tei*
University of Genoa, Italy
A2 - 4A2® Opportunities for peak shaving energy demand of ship to shore quay cranes at container terminals
H. Geerlings*1, R. Heij2, R. van Duin2
1Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
A2 - 4A3 The Competitiveness between the Sea Ports in the Hamburg - Le Havre range and the Mediterranean Ports under the influence of the upcoming installment of the ECA-zone
E. van Hassel*, H. Meersman, E. Van de Voorde, T. Vanelslander
University of Antwerp, Belgium
A2 - 4A4® Study on function evaluation and development directions of Chinese ports
Q.P. Yang*, J.L. Wu
Waterborne Transportation Institute, China
A2 - 4A5® Restructuring of South Africa’s port pricing strategy
S. Gumede*, M. Chasomeris
University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa