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A3 - 4A - High Speed (II)
Wednesday,13 July 2016 , 08:30-10:10
Chair: Paulo Beria, Italy
A3 - 4A1® Open access for rail passenger services: Lesson learnt from forerunner countries
P. Perennes
SNCF Réseau, France
A3 - 4A2® Towards oversized high-speed rail systems? Some lessons from French and Spanish cases
P.D. Zembri*, E. Libourel
Université Paris-Est, France
A3 - 4A3 From minimum to reasonable travel time
D. Banister2, Y. Cornet*1, M. Givoni4, G. Lyons3
1Technical University of Denmark, Denmark, 2University of Oxford, UK, 3University of the West of England, UK, 4Tel Aviv University, Israel
A3 - 4A4 Competition on cross-border high-speed rail in Europe after market opening
J.E. Doomernik1,2
1Antwerp University, Belgium, 2Lloyd's Register, The Netherlands