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D2 - 4A - Travel Behaviour and Choice Modelling D2-OS5, Latent Variable Models and Applications
Wednesday,13 July 2016 , 08:30-10:10
Chair: T. Rossetti, University of Chile, Chile
D2 - 4A1 Identifying user preferences for cycling infrastructure design using latent class discrete choice models
T. Rossetti*1, V. Saud2, P. Galilea1, R. Hurtubia1
1Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile, 2University College London, UK
D2 - 4A2 The choice between plug-ins, hybrids and the status quo: Evidence from a Canadian stated preference analysis
M. Ferguson, M. Mahmoud*, C. Higgins, P. Kanaroglou
McMaster University, Canada
D2 - 4A3® Does the transport behavior influence the preferences for electromobility?
F.J. Bahamonde-Birke1,2
1DIW-Berlin, Germany, 2TU-Berlin, Germany
D2 - 4A4 About the categorization of latent variables in hybrid choice models
F.J. Bahamonde-Birke*1,2, J.D. Ortúzar3
1DIW-Berlin, Germany, 2TU-Berlin, Germany, 3Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile