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Poster Session: TA-F
Wednesday,13 July 2016 , 08:30-10:10
Lobby Area - Zonghe Building
Chair: Ruth Steiner
F1 - P01® A new at-grade transportation network without signalized intersection, roundabout, or stop sign for land use and transportation planning
S. Pravinvongvuth*, I.C. Matarage
Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
F1 - P02® Research on phenomenon of urban regeneration and optimization of land-use around light rail transit in Nanhai district of Foshan city
J.W. Huang*1, Y. Xu2, C.F. Wang2, L. Xiong2, J. Hai1
1Guangdong University of Technology, China, 2South China University of Technology, China
F2a - P01® A theoretical overview of road hump effects on traffic noise in improving residential well-being
K.S.R. Bachok*, A.A. Kadar Hamsa, M.Z. Mohamed, M. Ibrahim
International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia
F2b - P01® Urban spatial structure and transport energy consumption: New evidence from 51 cities in China
J. Diao*, P. Zhao
Peking University, China
F2b - P02® Research on individual  carbon dioxide emissions of commuting  in peri-urban area of metropolitan cities--an empirical study in Shanghai
P. Wei*1, H.X.P. Pan1
1Wuhan Land Use and Urban Spatial Planning Research Center, China, 2Tongji University, China
F2b - P03® Calculation and scenario analyses of urban passenger transportation energy consumption in China
P. Li*, P. Zhao
Peking University, China
F2b - P04® Achieving energy savings by intelligent transportation systems investments in the context of smart cities
Y. Chen, A. Ardila Gomez*, G. Frame, J.P. Velez, A. Hoyos-Guerrero, F. Arroyo-Arroyo, Y. Zong, N. Beschorner, A. Shrestha
World Bank, USA
F2c - P01® Urban mobility indexes: A brief review of the literature
P.B. Costa, G.C. De Morais Neto*, A.I. Bertolde
Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo-UFES, Brazil