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H2 - 4A - Parking, Barrier Effect, and CO2
Wednesday,13 July 2016 , 08:30-10:10
Chair: Pierre Graftieaux, World Bank, Australia
H2 - 4A1® Uncertainty of greenhouse gas emission models: Colombian transportation sector as a case of study
M.M. Valenzuela*, M. Espinosa, E.A. Virguez, E. Behrentz
Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
H2 - 4A2® Police stations, criminal offences and mobility infrastructure. Operational analysis in manizales - Colombia
D.A. Escobar García*1, D.R. Oviedo Hernandez2, J.M. Holguin Cardenas1, C.A. Moncada Aristizabal1,2
1National University of Colombia, Colombia, 2University College London, UK
H2 - 4A3® Parking management policies based on behavior analysis at fatih district in Istanbul, Turkey
A. Dogru*1, S. Malaitham2, M. Okamura3, A. Fukuda2, T. Fukuda2
1Istanbul Municipality, Turkey, 2Nihon University, Japan, 3ALMEC Corporation, Japan
H2 - 4A4® Urban impacts due to barrier effect caused by road duplication: The case of Goianinha-RN Brazil
L.T. Tavares, M.O.A. Oliveira de Andrade*, M.L.A.M. Alves Maia
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil