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A3 - 4B - Rail Engineering
Wednesday,13 July 2016 , 10:30-12:10
Chair:Q.T. Li, Tongji University, China
A3 - 4B1 Vertical vibration analysis of vehicle-track-subgrade coupled system with dynamic flexibility method
X.W. Yang*, S.J. Gu, S.H. Zhou, Y. Shu, X.Y. Ma
Tongji University, China
A3 - 4B2 Design and layout of the physical environment in a metro system: Appraisal of Tyne and Wear Metro driver's perceptions
A. Rjabovs*, R. Palacin
Newcastle University, UK
A3 - 4B3 Propulsion systems for 21st century rail
R. Isaac*, L. Fulton
University of California, USA
A3 - 4B4 Determinants of rolling stock maintenance cost in metros
R.B.A. Brage-Ardao*, D.J.G. Graham, R.A. Anderson
Imperial College London, UK
A3 - 4B5 Estimating clamping force of rail fastener system by experimental and numerical methods
Q.T. Li*, Y. Luo, Y. Liu
Tongji University, China