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A4 - 4B - Car Travel
Wednesday,13 July 2016 , 10:30-12:10
Chair:M.W. Liu, Shanghai ocean University, China
A4 - 4B1 Deployment of charging stations under a mixed-equilibrium model with electric vehicles
X.K. Cen, H.K. Lo*, L. Li
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
A4 - 4B2 The difficult phases for automated driving ; a societal focus on the implementation challenge
J.F. Jeekel*, C.J.T. van de Weijer
Technical University Eindhoven, The Netherlands
A4 - 4B3 Peak car in Europe?
C. Focas1, P. Christidis*1
1University of Oxford, UK, 2Joint Research Council, Belgium
A4 - 4B4 What if empty car seats were filled with passenger? A theoretical assessment using the Montreal case
C. Morency*, H. Verreault
Polytechnique Montreal, Canada
A4 - 4B5 A Car-following model from the viewpoint of dynamic hydraulic pressure
M.W. Liu*1, L. Chu3, J.Y. Yan3, S.M. Wang1, Y. Oeda2, T.N. Sumi2
1Shanghai ocean University, China, 2Kyushu University, Japan, 3SINGAMAS CONTAINER HOLDINGS LIMITED(shanghai), China