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D3 - 4B - Applications of Travel Behaviour Analysis and Demand Modelling Approaches D3-OS6, Tours
Wednesday,13 July 2016 , 10:30-12:10
Chair: Luis Guzman, Universidad de Los Andes, Chile
D3 - 4B1® Small but sustainable? An appraisal framework for small-scale mobility measures
J. Bulckaen, I. Keseru, G. te Boveldt*, C. Macharis
Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
D3 - 4B2 Exploring the interrelationships among socio-demographics, urban form, activity travel patterns, and travel distances
Y. Chen*, G. Akar
Ohio State Univeristy, USA
D3 - 4B3® The effects of land use on passengers' trip chaining decisions
P. Wen*1, P. Zhao1, M.B. Bell2, A. Namdeo2
1Peking University, China, 2Newcastle University, UK
D3 - 4B4® A strategic tour generation modeling within a dynamic land-use and transport framework: A case study of Bogota, Colombia
L.A. Guzman*, A.M. Gomez, C. Rivera
Universidad de los Andes, Colombia