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F2b - 4B - Urban Transport and Climate Change
Wednesday,13 July 2016 , 10:30-12:10
Chair: Abraham Leung, Griffith University, Australia
F2b - 4B1® The impact of mixed land-use on  on residents' travel energy consumption: New evidence from Beijing
M.Z. Zhang*, P.J. Zhao
Peking University, China
F2b - 4B2® Sustainable mobility in small, medium and large cities
O.P. Lah*, S. Shrestha, H. Hueging et al
Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, Germany
F2b - 4B3® Supply-side network effects on mobile-source emissions
R. Shah*1, N. Nezamuddin2, M.W. Levin3
1CDM Smith Inc., USA, 2Valparaiso University, USA, 3The University of Texas at Austin, USA
F2b - 4B4 Scenario analysis of the energy transport demand, CO2 emission forecast and reduction strategies of Jakarta megacity, Indonesia
A. Sodri*, I. Garniwa, R.H. Koestoer
University of Indonesia, Indonesia
F2b - 4B5® The tale of two (very different) cities - mapping urban transport oil vulnerability of Brisbane and Hong Kong
A. Leung*, M. Burke, J. Cui
Griffith University, Australia