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D2 - 4C - Travel Behaviour and Choice Modelling D2-OS7, New Conceptual Models and Methods for Emerging Travel Contexts
Wednesday,13 July 2016 , 13:30-15:10
Chair: Johanna Zmud, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, USA
D2 - 4C1® Towards an understanding of travel behavior impact of autonomous vehicles
J. Zmud*, I. Sener
Texas A&M Transportation Institute, USA
D2 - 4C2® Spatial distribution of urban trips in recently expanded Surat city through Fuzzy Logic with various clustering Techniques: A case study of typical metropolitan city in India
P.S. Salini1, D. Sowjanya1, A. Kedia*1, K. Saw2, B.K. Katti1
1S V National Institute of Technology, India, 2Institute of Urban Transport, India
D2 - 4C3 A mixed bayesian network for two-dimensional decision modeling of departure time and lane choice
Z. Zhu*1, C. Xiong1, X. Chen2, L. Zhang1
1University of Maryland, USA, 2Zhejiang University, China
D2 - 4C4® An improvement of MATSim computing time for large-scale travel behavior microsimulation
C. Zhuge*1,2, M. Bithell1, C. Shao2, X. Li3, J. Gao2
1University of Cambridge, UK, 2Beijing Jiaotong University, China, 3Beijing Institute of Technology, China