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Poster Session: TA-H
Wednesday,13 July 2016 , 13:30-15:10
Lobby Area - Zonghe Building
Chair: Binyam Reja
H1 - P01® Influence of personal banking behaviour on the usage of the electronic card for toll road payment
T.B. Joewono*1, B.A. Effendi1, H.S.A. Gultom1, R.P. Rajagukguk2
1Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia, 2Ministry of Public Work, Indonesia
H1 - P02® Urban form and spatial urban equity in Bogota, Colombia
L.A. Guzman*, J.P. Bocarejo
Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
H2 - P01® The construction of complex railway stations in Megalopolises --Based on Shanghai railway station
Y. Kai*, H. Gangyu
College of Urban Planning of Tongji University, China
H2 - P02® Planning of LNG filling stations for road freight: A case study of Shenzhen
Y. Li1,2, W. Li*1,2, Y. Yu1,2, L. Bao1,2
1The Key Laboratory of Road and Traffic Engineering, Ministry of Education, China, 2Tongji University, China
H2 - P03® Behavior patterns of long-term car-sharing users in China
Y. Hui1, W. Wang*1, M. Ding1, Y. Liu1
1Tongji University, China, 2Chelizi Intelligent Technology Company, China
H2 - P04® Evaluation of socio-economic impact of city bus services in developing countries
P.K. Agarwal*, J. Gurjar, V. Gupta
Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, India
H2 - P05® A prediction model of bus arrival time at stops with multi-routes
T. Yin*, G. Zhong, J. Zhang, S. He, B. Ran
Southeast University, China
H2 - P06® Road safety analysis using multi criteria approach: A case study in India
K. Shalini*, R.A. Ruchika Agarwala, D. Bhupali Dutta, N. Pooja N.Bhanegaonkar, A.P. Ajit Pratap Singh, A.K. Sarkar
Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, India
H3 - P01® Unbalanced lane usage and driver's lane preference at multiple left-turn lanes
L. Li*1, Z.R. Peng2, Y.T. Chang1, L.Y. Zheng1
1Ministry of Education, China, 2University of Florida, USA
H4 - P01 Optimal transit routing algorithm for large scale road networks
N. Goel*, N.R. Velaga, P. Vedagiri, T.V. Mathew
IIT Bombay, India
H4 - P02 Achievement of the harmonization of vehicle overloading control in the East African Community
Y. Nakagawa
H5 - P01 Transport-based social exclusion in developing societies: A case of study in Bangladesh
D.P.B. Perez Barbosa*, J.Z. Zhang
Hiroshima University, Japan
H5 - P02 Evidence from the evaluation of several bus rapid transit systems around the world
J.M. Velasquez*1, P. Guarda3, C. Albuquerque5, X. Chen4, G. Zhong1 et al
1World Resources Institute, USA, 2World Resources Institute, Colombia, 3Pontificia Universidad Catolica, Chile, 4CUSTReC/CATS, China, 5WRI Cities, Brazil
H5 - P03 Qualitative analysis for selection of bus priority techniques and operational strategies in the context of emerging countries
K. Bhattacharyya*1, B. Maitra1, M. Boltze2
1Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India, 2Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany
H5 - P04 Analysis of illegal parking behaviour in Hanoi city
V. Vu Anh Tuan
Vietnamese-German University, Viet Nam
H5 - P05® Analyzing behavioral intentions in new residential developments of motorcycle dependent cities: A case of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
L.Q. Hoang*, T. Okamura
Toyo University, Japan
H5 - P06® Improving legibility of urban center area by an integrated pedestrian signage system:A case study of Shanghai
Y. Li, L. Bao*, W. Li, H. Deng
Tongji University, China