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A3 - 4D - Rail Management (I)
Wednesday,13 July 2016 , 15:30-17:10
Chair: Yves Crozet, France
A3 - 4D1® Towards a rail congestion formalization from a consumer perspective
M. Pérez Herrero1,2
1Universite Lyon 2, France, 2SNCF Reseau, France
A3 - 4D2® Estimation of passenger flow for planning and management of railway stations
Y. Ahn*1, T. Kowada3, H. Tsukaguchi1, U. Vandebona2
1Ritsumeikan University, Japan, 2University of New South Wales, Australia, 3Central Japan Railway Company, Japan
A3 - 4D3® Capacity analysis of stations with multiple platforms - case Stuttgart 21
I.A. Hansen1,2
1Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, 2Beijing Jiaotong University, China, 3Southwest Jiaotong University, China
A3 - 4D4® A study on various effects caused by newly-opened urban rapid transit in the Tokyo metropolitan area
M. Akiyoshi*, K. Tochigi, T. Ishino
Japan Railway Construction Transport and Technology Agency, Japan
A3 - 4D5® Should upstream merger be regulated in a railway system with monopolistic operator
G. Xie
Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China