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C4 - 4D - Traffic Safety Modelling II
Wednesday,13 July 2016 , 15:30-17:10
Chair: Mohamed Abdel-Aty, University of central Florida, USA
C4 - 4D1® A Poisson-Hidden Markov approach to modeling vehicle crash count data
C. Xiong*, Z. Zhu, L. Tang, L. Zhang
University of Maryland, USA
C4 - 4D2® Analysis of roadway and environmental factors affecting traffic crash severities
Y. Wang*, W. Zhang
Federal Highway Administration Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center, USA
C4 - 4D3 Analysing hit-and-run in pedestrian-vehicle collisions
J. Lee1, M. Abdel-Aty*1, P-F. Kuo2
1University of Central Florida, USA, 2Central Police University, Taiwan
C4 - 4D4® Risk analysis on level crossings using a causal Bayesian network based approach
C. Liang*1,2, M. Ghazel2,1, E.M. El-Koursi2,1, O. Cazier4,1
1Institut de Recherche Technologique Railenium, France, 2IFSTTAR-COSYS/ESTAS, France, 3University Lille 1, France, 4SNCF Réseau, France
C4 - 4D5® All-round methodology for upgrading existing rural roads that are prone to accidents using virtual driving simulation.
W. Kuhn*, T. Hoppner, M. Muller
University of Applied Sciences Zwickau, Department of Transport and Energy Engineering, Germany