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Programme Titles Presenters Topics
G5 - 4D - New Mobilities
Wednesday,13 July 2016 , 15:30-17:10
Chair:Milos Balac, ETH - Zurich, Switzerland
G5 - 4D1 Implementing public bicycle sharing system: Korean cases and implications
J. Park*, K. Park, J. Kanget al
The Korea Transport Institute, Republic of Korea
G5 - 4D2 Research on operation characteristics of car sharing service stations:A case study of 'Chefenxiang' car sharing program in Hangzhou
Y. Hui, M.T. Ding*, C. Qian, W. Wang, Q. Xu
Tongji University, China
G5 - 4D3 Development of a bicycle ridership model for urban India
S. Basu, V. Vasudevan*
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India
G5 - 4D4 Dynamic bike redistribution strategies considering on-site demand patterns for bike sharing systems
J-S. Chen*, Y-T. Hsu
National Taiwan University, Taiwan
G5 - 4D5 Modeling the impact of parking price policies on free-floating carsharing: Case study for Zurich, Switzerland
M. Balac*, F. Ciari, R. Waraich
ETH Zurich, Switzerland