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H2 - 4D - Logistics, Scenarios, and Facilities
Wednesday,13 July 2016 , 15:30-17:10
Chair: Binyam Reja, World Bank, China
H2 - 4D1® An inquiry into the analysis of the transport & logistics sectors’ role in economic development
Y. Candemir*, D. Celebi
Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
H2 - 4D2® Havana's future transportation system: Alternative scenarios
H. Blanco1, A.V. Moudon*2
1University of Southern California, USA, 2University of Washington, USA
H2 - 4D3® The evolution of rural school transportation in Brazil
W. Carvalho*1, P. Leite2, Y. Yamashita3
1Federal University of Goiás, Brazil, 2Setransp, Brazil, 3University of Brasília, Brazil
H2 - 4D4® Methodology for evaluating walking facilities based on types of obstructions observed on footpath of Indian roads
M. Advani, P. Parida, M. Parida*
Central Road Research Institute, India
H2-4D5® Bangkok miracle: How can it turn from traffic hell to transit oriented city?
V. Wasuntarasook1, Y. Hayashi*1, V. Vichiensan3, H. Kato1, K. Nakamura2
1Nagoya University, Japan, 2Kagawa University, Japan, 3Kasetsart University, Thailand