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H4 - 4D - Regional Roads and Logistics in Developing Countries
Wednesday,13 July 2016 , 15:30-17:10
Chair:Yuhui Jiao, World Bank, P.R.China
H4 - 4D1 South Asia's container ports:A comprehensive performance assessment
M. Herrera Dappe*, A. Suarez-Aleman
The World Bank, USA
H4 - 4D2 Spatial patterns of landside trade impedance in containerized South American exports
K.C. Tiller, J.C. Thill*
University of North Carolina Charlotte, USA
H4 - 4D3 The impact of distance and national transportation system on FDI and trade patterns: Results from South Asia
T. Halaszovich1, A. Kinra*2
1University of Bremen, Germany, 2Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
H4 - 4D4 Impact of side friction on capacity of rural highways in India
S. Pal*1, S.K. Roy2
1IIEST, India, 2IIEST, India
H4 - 4D5 Development of decision support system for evaluating spatial efficiency of regional transport logistics
P. Srisawat*1,2, N. Kronprasert1,2, K. Arunotayanun1,2
1Excellence Center in Infrastructure Technology and Transportation Engineering (ExCITE), Thailand, 2ChiangMai University, Thailand