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F2b - 5A - Climate Change in Transport
Thursday,14 July 2016, 08:30-10:10
Chair: Charles Raux, University of Lyon, France
F2b - 5A1® Mobility, Vehicle fleet, Energy use and Emissions forecast Tool (MOVEET)
A.J. Purwanto*, G. De Ceuster, K. Vanherle
Transpor & Mobility Leuven, Belgium
F2b - 5A2 A study on factor decomposition for CO2 emission generation and its causal mechanisms - A case study of Tokyo
X. Luo
Shanghai Tongji Urban planning & design institute, China
F2b - 5A3® Identifying the correlation between rainfall, traffic flow performance and air pollution concentration in Seoul using a path analysis
H.Y. Kwak*1, J.H. Ko1, S.H. Lee1, C.H. Joh1
1Kyung Hee University, Republic of Korea, 2The Seoul Institute, Republic of Korea, 3Konkuk University, Republic of Korea
F2b - 5A4® Potentials for reducing carbon dioxide emissions and conversion of renewable energy for the regional transport market
A. Saighani*, C. Sommer
University of Kassel, Germany
F2b - 5A5 Personal mobility choices and climate change: Which incentives are effective?
C. Raux
University of Lyon, France