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G2 - 5A - Bus Safety - CO2
Thursday,14 July 2016, 08:30-10:10
Chair: Paolo Beria
G2 - 5A1® Temporary restoration project of BRT instead of restoring railways on Tsunami-hit regions by the Great East Japan Earthquake
T. Nagai*1, Y. Kumamoto1, Y. Yamaguchi1, Y. Ooguchi1, Y. Sumita2
1East Japan Railway Company, Japan, 2JR East Consultants Company, Japan
G2 - 5A2® Assessing the option value of public transport : Case study for rural bus service in Japan  
H. Oguma*, T. Yokoyama, S. Nishimura, O. Moriyama, H. Kamiya
Kanazawa University, Japan
G2 - 5A3 Measuring the long distance accessibility: Is there an "accessibility gap" of Italian cities?
P. Beria*1, A. Debernardi2, E. Ferrara2
1Politecnico di Milano, Italy, 2Studio META, Italy
G2 - 5A4® Portuguese mainland road network safety performance indicator
S. Vieira Gomes*1, J.L. Cardoso1, C. Lima Azevedo2
1National Laboratory of Civil Engineering, Portugal, 2Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, Singapore
G2 - 5A5® The difference between reported and real-world CO2 emissions: How much improvement can be expected by WLTP introduction?
G. Fontaras*, B. Ciuffo, N. Zacharof, S. Tsiakmakis, A. Marotta, J. Pavlovic, K. Anagnostopoulos
Institute for Energy and Transport, Italy