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H3-SS1: Project
Wednesday,13 July 2016 , 08:30-10:10

Development of Indian Highway Capacity Model (Indo-HCM)

1. WP-1: Capacity Estimation of Two Lane, Intermediate and Single Lane Roads

2. WP-2: Capacity Estimation of Multi-lane Inter - Urban Highways

3. WP-3: Capacity Estimation of Inter - Urban and Urban Expressways

4. WP-4: Capacity Estimation of Varying Widths of Urban Roads 5. WP-5A: Capacity Estimation of Signalized Intersections

6. WP-5B: Capacity Estimation of Roundabouts

7. WP-6: Capacity Estimation of Unsignalized Intersections and Gap Acceptance Studies

8. WP7: Capacity Estimation of Pedestrian Facility

9. WP-9: Development of Reliability as a Performance Measure for inter-urban as well as urban corridors

Development and Applications of Technologies for Sustainable Transportation (SUSTRANS)

1. WP-1: Quality Enhancement of Public Transport System

2. WP-2: Feeder Transport System and Parking Facilities at Public Transport (PT) Terminals

3. WP-3: Advanced Public Transport Information Systems and Integrated Intelligent Dynamic Information System

4. Using Intelligent Transport System

5. WP-4: Design and develop Advanced Driving Simulator

6. WP-5: Sustainable Non-Motorized Transport System

7. WP-6: Policy Level Sustainable Strategies to restrict usage of private vehicles (Congestion Pricing, Parking Pricing)

8. WP-7: Sustainable Integration of Mass Transportation System

9. WP-8: Evaluation of Sustainable Transportation System (environment, social, safety and economy)

Chair: Prof. Satish Chandra, Director, CSIR - CRRI, New Delhi, India