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SST-05: WCTRS PhD Students’ Grants (Y-II Ed 2) Session - Chaired by Yoshi Hayashi
Monday,11 July 2016, 15:30-17:10
Chair: Yoshi Hayashi, WCTRS President
1 Opening Talk: Session Chair
Y. Hayashi
WCTRS President, Chubu University, Japan
2 Brief on WCTRS Young Researchers' Initiative (WCTRS-Y)
A. Huzayyin
Member of WCTRS Steering Committee and Leader of WCTRS-Y, Cairo University, Egypt
3 Innovation Grant Paper: "Critical issues in estimating human exposure to traffic-related air pollution: Advancing the assessment of road vehicle emissions estimates
H. Khreis
PhD Student, Institute for Transport Studies (ITS), Leeds University, UK
4 Prestige Grant Paper 1: "Revenue management in road freight transport: Capacity control and dynamic request integration under profit maximization"
H. Braun
PhD Student, The University of Western Australia Business School, Australia
5 Prestige Grant Paper 2: "Car technologies and their impact on climate - A system dynamics approach"
J. J. Gómez Vilcheza
PhD Student, Institute for Industrial Production and Research School on Energy Scenarios (ESS), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany
6 Prestige Grant Paper 3: "Transit signal priority model considering arterial progression and stochastic bus arrival time"
L. Tien Truonga
PhD Student, Institute of Transport Studies, Monash University, Australia
7 Sum-up and Closing
Y. Hayashi
WCTRS President, Chubu University, Japan