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SST-07: CODATU message to HABITAT-III: Implications for Research for Better Accessibility and Mobility in the Field of Urban Mobility and Transport in Developing Countries
Tuesday,12 July 2016, 08:30-10:10

In the HABITAT-III process and the elaboration of a New Urban Agenda for the coming 20 years, the international community and the civil society are becoming mobilized through the World Urban Campaign, trying to imagine the city of the future, which requires the questioning of past models and approaches considering both the opportunities offered by technological and social innovation and the risks spread by the economic and natural resources crisis. Following the two formal messages sent from CODATU to HABITAT-II in 1996 and to HABITAT-III in 2016, the challenges of improving urban accessibility are crucial to ensure a smart and sustainable future to cities of developing countries. This Special Session is organized by building on the above and benefiting from the long history and global experience of CODATU in support of urban transport in developing countries. CODATU has many cooperation activities with other international agencies, institutions, and societies, including WCTRS. Among our recent activities, is cooperative effort trying to identify implications for research in the field of urban mobility and transport and discuss how national and local policies should accompany the changes that will happen in cities in the next 20 years.

1. Ali Huzayyin, University of Cairo, CODATU – Messages from CODATU to HABITAT-III: Immediate needs (15 min)

2. Tony May, University of Leeds, CODATU – National Urban Mobility Policies to implement the CODATU message to Habitat-III (15 min)

3. Krishna Rao, Institute of Technology in Bombay, India – From national policies to Comprehensive Mobility Plans in India (15 min)

4. Lorenza Tomasoni, CODATU – MobiliseYourCity (MYC) for better urban accessibility, CODATU contribution (15 min) 

5. Open Discussions (30 min)

6. Kazu Miyamoto, Tokyo City University, Japan - Sum up and closing (5 min)  

Chair: Lorenza Tomasoni, Project Manager, CODATU