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A2-SS2: Port Innovation
Monday,11 July 2016, 13:30-15:10

1. Christa Sys (University of Antwerp, Belgium): Scope of international port innovation research

2. Michele Acciaro (Kühne Logistics University, Germany): Port innovation success measurement

3. Thierry Vanelslander (University of Antwerp, Belgium): Port innovation process analysis

4. Athena Roumboutsos (University of the Aegean, Greece): Actor interaction in port innovation

5. Gen Giuliano (University of South-California, USA): Cost effectiveness in port innovation

 6. Alessio Tei / Prof. Claudio Ferrari (University of Genova, Switzerland): Port innovation in seaport   terminals

7. Rosário Macário (University of Lisbon, Portugal): What to learn from other innovating sectors? 

8. Panel debate on key challenges for port innovation

Chair: Christa Sys