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SST-08: Transportation Innovation in the Chinese “Tourist Paradise” City - Hangzhou
Wednesday,13 July 2016 , 15:30-17:10

1. Hangzhou public transport evaluation standard and bus service improvement , Kan Gu, Hangzhou City Traffic Planning and Design Institute, China

2. Evaluation of rail transit planning and the development of urban space in Hangzhou, Feng Wang,  Transportation & Metro Planning at Hangzhou City Planning and Design Academy, China

3. Development and utility of public bicycles in Hangzhou, Liqiang Zhang, Hangzhou GST Tech Co., Ltd, China

4. Left-middle-right micro electric buses and its development in Hangzhou, Xiaoming Hu, Kandi Electric Vehicles Group, China

5. The development and future trends of network car platform”(TBD), Alibaba or Didi fast car 6. Roundtable , Chair: Dianhai Wang, Ph.D, Zhejiang University, China
Chair: Urban Planning Society of Zhejiang Province