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SST-15: Jules Dupuit: Secret Origins of Modern Transportation Science
Tuesday,12 July 2016, 15:30-18:00
401 Block C in the Sino-French Building

15.30-15.35 Introduction: Werner Rothengatter, KIT, Germany

15.35-15.50 Historical Facts of Works of French Engineers in the Middle of the 19th Century: Hideo Nakamura

15.50-16.05 Economic and Political Calculus in Transportation: From Jules Dupuit to Maurice Allais: Alain Bonnafous, Laboratoire d''Economie des Transports, France and Yves Crozet, Laboratoire Aménagement Economie Transports (LAET), France 

16.05-16.20 Jules Dupuit and Benefit-Cost Analysis: Making Past to be the Present: Antti Talvitie, Aalto University, Finland

16.20-16.30 Comments: Charles Raux, Universite de Lyon II, France, Tony May, University of Leeds, UK

16.30-16.45 Discussion

16.45-17.00 Multi-moment demand for trip duration and  Reliability: Marc Gaudry (presented by A. Bonnafous Laboratoire d''Economie des Transports, France)

17.00-17.15 Competitive Impact of the Air Ticket Levy on The European Airline Market: Marc Ivaldi, Toulouse School of Economics, France and Tuba Toru-Delibasi

17.15-17.30 Mr. Dupuit and the Marginalists: Werner Rothengatter, KIT, Germany

17.30-17.35 Comments: Roger Vickerman, University of Kent, UK

17.35-17.50 Discussion

17.50-18.00 Ramboll Presentation

18.00-18.05 Closing Remarks: Alain Bonnafous, Laboratoire d''Economie des Transports, France

Chair: TBC